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Houston Laughter Yoga

Clients and Testimonials 


Laughter Yoga is for people of all professions 

abilities, ages and backgrounds 

Lainie teaches these classes to diverse groups of people 
The exercises & sessions are tailored to the needs and requests of the participants

"God has done great things for us, filled us with laughter and music ~ Psalm 126


 Via Zoom! 


"Keep Calm and Laugh On! - For your Health" :


Classes and Sessions Highlights

Including Zoom sessions


Group and Individual Classes, Instruction and Consultation

Includes repeated sessions: 

Texas Children's Hospital
The Center For Pursuit, Houston: Adults with mental and physical disAbilities
NASA- Johnson Space Center, Employee Assistance Program

The Jung Center of Houston (Faculty since 2012) 

The Houston Public Library (First public Saturday classes in Houston, 2011- Sept. 2017) 

The Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Hospital, Houston (active military and veterans)

Ajana Therapy and Clinical Services (counseling and mental health)

 OVARCOME 2020 Annual National Conference (Online)

Kingsland Baptist Church (Special needs caregivers support) 

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A.

Nan and Company Properties, Christie's International Real Estate
ReelAbilities Film Festival - Jewish Family Services

Angels Surviving Cancer, Inc. 

The Wellbeing Club at The Kinkaid School 
Kinder High School For The Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA)

School of The Woods Montessori 
Harris County Community Resource Coordination Group (CRCG)
Harris County Youth and Family Resource Services
HISD Schools
Baylor College of Medicine: Help For HD- Huntington’s Disease Family Education Day
Texas Association of Museums Conference Luncheon, at The Hyatt.
Ham-Let Group, Advanced Control Techonology
Harris County Precinct 4: Fun 4 Seniors Annual Health and Wellness Week, Luncheon
Memory Care and Assisted Living Centers:

Silverado, The Village locations
Sri. Meenakshi Devasthanam -Temple
Robert M. Beren Academy, Modern Orthodox day school

Healthways/Silver Sneakers Program
Goodtimers (Seniors social group)
Vita-Living- Mentally and physically challenged adults
Ms. Wheelchair Texas Pageant
The National Kidney Foundation
Brady, Chapman, Holland and Associates, Insurance & Risk Management
Club A.M.I.G.A, at Sweetwater Country Club
The Barbara Bush Library
Baylor College of Medicine, Teambuilding for Therapists
Ovarcome LLC - ovarian cancer survivors/patients
Prosumers International;

The Menninger Clinic
Camp Victory Texas, Inc.- survivors of child sexual abuse
US Veterans Initiative/US Vets- veterans outreach
San Jacinto College 

Lone Star College

 The University of St. Thomas 
Bering Omega AIDS Community Services
St. Theresa Catholic Church, Memorial Park;
Chinmaya Mission Houston

Unitarian Universalist Church, Youth group; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 

Group Luncheons, celebrations

BP Partners Support Group

Energy companies- ExxonMobil; Cameron; Dow Chemical; Statoil Gulf Services LLC





Teaching adults and children with mental and physical disabilities at organizations, including: The Center, Houston.

"I love teaching the adults of the disAbilities community because they
show us the way to love, fortitude and how to live life to the fullest by
the example of their lives. It brings great joy to teach therapeutic
Laughter Yoga breathing-movement exercises for mental, physical and
spiritual health for the adults of this community." ~ Lainie Diamond


Courses, and programs to support the development of greater self-awareness, creative expression, and psychological insight- individually- in relationship- and within community.


Through this program Lainie has taught:

Veterans at The Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Medical Center Hospital

Veterans at US Veterans Initiative; US Vets; and at Lee College


Lainie regularly hears back and receives health testimonials from people of all ages and walks of life.

Including these: 

“Loved it! Thanks!"
“Very useful for health especially blood pressure lowering"
“Very relaxing, enjoyed the technique"
“Great stress relief"
“Very good for a creative way to reduce stress & heal the body and mind"
“Very good class & helpful to stress relief. Can’t wait to try this at home."
“Wonderful! I really needed this, and I felt so much better afterwards!"
“This was fun and immediately reduced my stress and changed my mood."

~ NASA Johnson Space Center workshop participants

"My wife told me that I do not laugh enough, or hardly at all- that I am taking things too seriously. I really appreciate what you taught in this session today, and I will use these tools/techniques for better health and laughter."

~ A Laughter Yoga Session participant

We had a session of zoom laughter yoga with

Houston Laughter Yoga

and one of the biggest takeaways was a great reminder of the importance of connecting with our inner child. When was the last time you laughed? Played? Colored? Skipped? Made silly faces? Blew bubbles?

This weekend we challenge you to find some time to connect with your inner child and have some fun! Roll in the grass! Take your shoes off and run! Nurturing ourself in this way can be so healing

Now go outside and play!

~ Ajana Therapy and Clinical Services 

"Thank you again for your Online Sep 15 "Keep Calm and Laugh On: Laughter Yoga for Health"

Jung Center workshop.  How did you know I would wake to a kitchen plumbing leak the next morning! (haha - yet true)  After securing the leak and calling the plumber, used our handy class exercises to break the intensity, loosen up, and actually begin to laugh it out of my system. 

Thank you, Lainie, for so helpful and immediately applicable skillset." 

~ Patricia 

"Absolutely enjoyed Lainie Diamond teaching Laughter Yoga at the April meeting of Goodtimers. There were many compliments from the group after the class. I felt refreshed and a breath of life within me bubbling up with such Joy that I needed."

~ A Laughter Yoga Session participant

"I took your class... yesterday I had a crappie doodle interaction with someone and I started to down spiral into negative thinking and emotions.
Then I remembered to LAUGH.
THANK YOU. It helped me to move out of that space and 'let it go.'"

~ A Laughter Yoga session participant

"I want to thank you so much for coming to our luncheon and teaching us how to have fun. We all enjoyed your presentation...Cheers from Santa Fe, New Mexico."

~Sincerely, Toni Laas, Vice President, Club A.M.I.G.A

"Our company just completed a very busy 2nd quarter. To enjoy our successes we asked Lainie to join us and help us kick off our celebration with Laughing Yoga. The Laughing Yoga exercises truly released our stresses, lighted our spirits, and created positive energy throughout the entire company. A great time was had by all! Thank you Lainie!"

~Susan S. Raimond
Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates

“Lainie's Laughter Yoga class I never want to miss. I look forward to the support of the class and Lainie each week. Singing in the choir and Lainie's Laughter Yoga class saved me from having a stent put in my heart. The doctors have told me that I have had so many heart attacks (myocardial infractions) ….I was told I would need a stent. But when given the stress test, I engaged what Lainie had taught me in Laughter Yoga, breathing deeply and laughing while doing a slow jog on the treadmill and the test saw blood flow thus no STENT. HAHAHAHOHOHO. Breathing is so important and laughter is key."


~ Joy, Laughter Yoga Participant

"Lainie Diamond's workshop has taught me techniques for stress management and working out."


~ Non-profit/organization client

"Four generations were positively influenced through your dedication to the joy of laughter…From two years to seventy-two years, we all took away exercises to make our lives more joyful and less stressful. I believe in God's wish for us to be not just happy, but joyous. And I believe in your mission to help people cope with life through laughter.
Thank you again."


~ Judi P.

"You don't have to believe in laughter yoga for it to work. So many of our group commented afterwards that the aches or worries they noted before the session with Lainie just weren't there afterwards. I myself felt a hummmm of energy that I was lacking before ho-ho-ha-ha-ha'ing. Every so often during one or other of the exercises, I got a bird's eye visual of how silly we all looked, and I laughed even more...Go with an open mind if you can, but if you can't, GO ANYWAY!"


~ Katrina Price Stilwell, President & Founder, Camp Victory Texas, Inc.

Lainie had the Lone Star College-CyFair library's LIFE group running around breathing and laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Some of our customers were amazed that we have this kind of program for adults. Grown ups like to have fun, too. Lainie's knowledge of singing and breathing techniques made the class all the more valuable. I like her motto, "Laugh Every Day."


~ Claire Gunnels, Assistant Library Director, Lone Star College-CyFair

"When I first heard about Laughter Yoga I thought, "This is crazy!" Then when I finally got the chance to step in and find out what it was I felt different. I felt better. Laughter Yoga has helped me not only to deal with the craziness of the world it has helped bring my family a little closer. Those who laugh together may just love each other a litter bit harder. I keep sayings like "stupid stuff" with me and try to laugh it off when I see it. Nothing wrong with being mad either, "ho ho ha ha ha." A wild ride every time I go. Thanks so much."


~ Phillip B.

"It is always an invigorating experience at the "Laughter Yoga" class taught by you. Your energy and enthusiasm as a teacher with simplicity yet passion towards energizing the group is very appreciated. In my view, in these days of electronic communication with TM & e-mail, we do not interact with our fellow beings and share laughter - which is the best medicine as experienced from laughter yoga class. Laughter Yoga and your classes in particular are definitely a mood elevating experience for me not only during/after the class on Saturdays, but for rest of the week; and looking forward to your classes to receive the weekly recharge. Some benefits of Laughter Yoga sessions for me include calmness, humility and a better tolerance of self and others. Kind regards"


~ Pete

"Laughter Yoga is AWESOME! After Lainie's weekly sessions, I feel energized, happy & centered! And, my health has improved! I love these classes!"


~Janet Carroll, RN, LMT

"In July of 2011 I read about Laughter Yoga in the Houston Chronicle and various neighborhood newspapers. I decided to go to those classes and have been going ever since. Our instructor, Lainie Diamond is very thorough and patient with us. I find Laughter Yoga relaxing and therapeutic. At the end of the session we have a few minutes of meditation which is very good."


~Sincerely, Lupe Rodriguez

"Laughter is scientifically proven to help the healing process in people, psychologically and physically. Laughter yoga, being a combination of correct breathing technique and some physical activities is said to have beneficial effects on us elevating blood circulation and oxygenating our cells which will boost our immunity level enabling us resist diseases, not to mention bringing people together and help us build stronger social skills which is said to be necessary for humans' well being.
I personally think my laughter yoga helps my body and soul in a way that I come out of my class feeling lighter and happier. I've exercised and oxygenated my body, my brain functions more clearly and I've also socialized in a very positive way with people whom outside the class would be perfect strangers, I've laughed and had a great time. I sure appreciate sweet Lainie for her time and energy getting the laughter yoga classes going."


~ Shida Rad

"I've been in the healing arts for over 20 years, through both Western medicine and holistic healing. Laughter Yoga has quickly become my favorite healing tool...
Within 24 hours of attending Lainie Diamond's class, I experienced powerful emotional releases and woke up in a blissful state. My physical and emotional health are soaring as I use the techniques daily. Lainie's positive energy is fun and empowering, and I look forward to attending regularly. My philosophy is that healing is a loving, joyful experience, and Laughter Yoga is truly helping me free myself. Thank you Lainie for your passion in bringing this wonderful gift to Houston!"

~Olivia Worthy, Holistic Healer

"Attending the Lainie Diamond-led Laughter Yoga session is an unforgettable experience for me...the ingenious laughter exercises left me feeling rejuvenated and empowered. I found Lainie to be passionate and dedicated about helping improve people’s life through Laughter Yoga. I would strongly recommend her sessions to everyone looking to learn how to take control of one’s happiness and health."


~ Anuj Pathak, Medical intern, New Delhi, India


Lainie works with your corporation, business on the details and time requested,

For Laughter Yoga tailored to your Team building, meeting, conference, energizer sessions

Exercises & sessions are designed according to the company's goal, theme, and request for the corporate event

The Immediate Benefits of a Laughter Yoga session for your Corporation/Business:

“The most productive people get into their work/business, but take themselves lightly"

1. Team-Building: Oxygenating, which clears the brain and body. Relieves stress, breaks barriers, improves communication, teamwork and creativity, greatly improves overall health and wellness- a healthy immune system.
2. Ice-Breaker for Meetings, Conferences and Events: Laughter Yoga is both Fun and Therapeutic! It brings everyone involved an energized yet relaxed focus, and creates a positive, productive and healthy work environment for everyone.
3. Releases Stress: Laughter Yoga is a unique and fun way to release emotions and stress for overall health.
4. Increases Attention Span in HR Meetings
5. Motivation and Communication
6. Positive Work Environment
7. Peak Performance
8. Laughter Yoga is practiced for Health and Wellness by people of all professions, background and walks of life.

= Overall Health and Wellness for an energized yet focused and successful business.


by Dr. Madan Kataria, MD, and Laughter Yoga International Founder

Laughter Yoga and Team Building

Famous British Actor, John Cleese, visited laughter clubs while filming one of his BBC series on, “Human Face. " (*SEE 1st VIDEO on this website) He visited Mumbai Laughter Clubs and a prison in Mumbai. After laughing with a group of people, he made a remark- “I am surprised how laughter connects you with people. It’s almost impossible to maintain a distance or social hierarchy when you’re just howling with laughter. Laughter is a great connector of the people."

People who Laugh Together Work Together
Laughter is a very powerful emotion and it can be used as a powerful tool to bring people together and work as a team.

Laughing with the People

The unique thing about laughing without a reason and laughter yoga practices is that the laughter is unconditional and it is being done as a physical exercise. There are no judgments, nothing to understand but they are all doing laughter exercises together. We are not particularly laughing at something and we are not making fun of anybody. It is all positive and nothing negative, which is very important for a team building point of view.

Laughter Yoga is a unique method that helps to release physical, mental and emotional stress and at the same time helps people feel better quickly. It is simple and quick catharsis to release your built up feelings and emotions.

Laughter Yoga exercises are the best way to kick start good feelings and happy chemicals within minutes. Laughter helps to release endorphins from your brain cells which are called feel good hormones. Also, due to an increase in the supply of oxygen, laughter makes you feel good. Once you have good feelings within, everything changes in the outside world. Your behavior and your attitude towards negative situations will change.

Communication through Laughter

Laughter Yoga exercises break barriers, frees you from ego and connects people.
It is purely a physical exercise along with breathing exercises. Anybody can do it as it is not a mental phenomenon. There is nothing to understand only a physical practice which is run in the group. It does not matter what language you speak, how challenged you are or how stressed you may be at the moment.
The most important uniting factor in Laughter Yoga is laughing and breathing together. Every human being is different in their mindsets, their thinking and their cultures. What is common between all of us, is that we all laugh in the same way and we breathe in the same air.

Value Of Laughter Yoga As An Exercise for Business People

With Laughter Yoga the business world stands to gain tremendously as work, and productivity can be enhanced to the maximum. Laughter sessions can have a profound impact on business performance, even making companies more profitable. Companies in different countries have reported a happier workplace, increased motivation, better communication, and increase in sales and creativity and better teamwork. It is the ultimate answer to business woes besides being the best exercise program to include in ones daily life for personal, social and health benefits.

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